Information impromind collects.

1. your first name and last name.

2.your personal email id.

Why we collect your information?

We take your information so that. Whenever a new article or post comes on our website.

So we will give you Can inform so that you can read that post or article from our website very easily.

And about the service and work of our website. you can tell us very easily so that we can make our

service even better.

Is your information safe?

Yes, the information that you put on our website does not go out of our website anywhere.

and Nor do we misuse your information.

So you can put your information on our website very easily and safely.

Transfer of data

Whatever information we take from our visitors. We do not give that to any third person or company. Nor do we sell it, we claim that we will keep all the information safe. And you also take care of any kind of problem.

We recommend you to read the privacy policy of other websites. Where you give your personal information. Because we have no activity on those websites. Nor do we control those websites.

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